Alexander Technique in Armonk
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What Alexander Technique Is and Is Not

A discipline, such as the Alexander Technique, that derives from the non-verbal part of the brain is consequently difficult to describe in words. A sense of what it entails may best be obtained by analogy, comparing it to things more common to our experience. To that end, here follows a listing of things that it is and is not:


The Alexander Technique

cumulativea quick fix
about undoingabout doing
a profound approach to poise and presencesuperficial
neurological reprogrammingmanipulation
best conveyed by kinesthetically-interactive individual lessonsadequately taught in a group or by a book, video or recording
integrative"Integrative Medicine"
about releasing excess tension, muscular and emotionalabout relaxation
a teachable skill for livingpsychotherapy
an aid in managing pain and disabilitya panacea
epistemologically soundbased on "loose logic"
a way to evoke fluidity, grace and ease of movementa series of excercises or procedures
a mindful meditative practicemysterious
a means of fostering resilience and invoking springinessphysical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, or massage
about altering muscle toneabout biomechanics
anotomically and physiologically-based applied neuroendocrinologya cosmology
about allowingabout trying
a mental workouta physical workout
complimentarya Holistic New Age practice
about setting up the conditions to permit it to happenabout making it happen
embodied cognitionabout position or alignment
about thought / focus / awareness / attentionabout acting