Alexander Technique in Armonk

The Way In

Refining our perceptions by using the Alexander Technique changes the brain's processing of sensory information. We become able to switch from monitoring external (exteroceptive) signals to noting the internal (interoceptive) signs of physiological self-regulation. Dropping repetitive patterns of responding permits us to deepen our awareness of the way we react to experience in a palpable way. To notice how we live in our bodies allows us to release excessive tension and expand. It enables us to pause and make different choices, altering inefficient postural and movement patterns that interfere with our physical and emotional homeostasis and well-being.

Paradoxically, we cannot simply decide to directly access this more open way of being by doing things more correctly, as actually doing a change only creates more tension. Instead, we can learn how to approach this more expansive, light yet grounded state indirectly, through becoming aware of our habitual muscle tone. By allowing the release of excessive muscular contraction – especially along the spine, the mainspring of the body and the source of its resilience – we can attain the balanced organization that is naturally inherent in our design.