Alexander Technique in Armonk


By learning to use the Alexander Technique, where common sense and neurobiology meet, we can experience the enhancement of somatic consciousness and awareness through disciplined body-mind training. In conventional formal education, the emphasis is generally on the product rather than on the process. As we apply this form of psycho-physical re-education to our lives, its contrasting priorities can continue to resonate and deepen in our thoughts. Learning to use our minds in this more disciplined yet creative manner helps us to focus our attention with clarity and vibrancy even as we create the diffuse connections that integrate the underlying concepts.

It is likely that you will discover that studying the Technique has an influence far beyond the purpose for which you originally undertook this work. You may become intrigued by what is happening in your mind during all of this. It is possible that you will find that these ideas can be very powerful in helping you to broaden your expertise and interests. As your passions change and grow, you may find that your improved ability to explore becomes one of your best resources for enriching your own life experience.