Alexander Technique in Armonk

    Alexander Technique - Perspectives

  • Brain & Body video
    Brain & Body
  • Attention & Focus video
    Attention & Focus
  • Phenomenology & Perception video
    Phenomenology & Perception
  • Physicality & Cognition video
    Physicality & Cognition
  • Direction & Imagery video
    Direction & Imagery
  • Habit & Undoing video
    Habit & Undoing

    Alexander Technique - General Videos

  • What Is Going On Here video
    What Is Going On Here?
  • What is the Alexander Technique video
    What is the Alexander Technique?
  • Alexander Technique Principles video
    Alexander Technique Principles

    Explaining the Alexander Technique - Video Excerpts

  • Making the Cognitive Shift video
    Making the Cognitive Shift
  • Empirical Derivation video
    Empirical Derivation
  • Equitation and the AT video
    Equitation and the AT
  • Hands on a Quija Board video
    Hands on a Quija Board
  • Its Nonverbal Nature video
    Its Nonverbal Nature
  • Kinesthetic Pedagogy video
    Kinesthetic Pedagogy
  • Non-End-Gaining video
  • Physical Correlates of Thinking video
    Physical Correlates of Thinking
  • Process vs Practice video
    Process vs Practice
  • Sources of the AT video
    Sources of the AT
  • Tensegrity video
  • The Autonomic Shift video
    The Autonomic Shift
  • Using Spatial Imagery video
    Using Spatial Imagery
  • Visual Thinking video
    Visual Thinking
Ma the Unknowable (caligraphic art)